Packaging with a high added value

“We help our clients to differentiate from competitors by means of customized proposals which precisely fit all their needs”

Products and markets

Rafesa offers a wide range of packaging products for the perfume, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

We work with all kinds of products designed for different sorts of liquid packaging -in different sizes and materials- and organizing our production in three main categories:

Miniatures for nail polish, perfume bottles, jars and pots for cosmetic treatments and pharmaceutical vials and accessories. See Catalogue …

Flexible tubes, bottles and cosmetics product’s recipients of all shapes and sizes. See catalogue …

Lids and caps, bottles, jars and collars. See Catalogue…

Tailor-Made Designs

In addition to working with standard models, we can also provide our clients with exclusive and customized solutions. That’s why we offer our own stamping, serigraphy and varnish finishing procedures.

Support and advice

We place all our experience and know-how, gained during more than thirty years in this market, at our customer’s disposal. At this regard, we rely on an expert team of advisors who pay close attention to all our clients’ demands, assesses the various options available in the market with respect to materials, formats and finishes and, finally, develops specific proposals suited for each project.

Creativity and innovation

We are committed to innovative solutions that make a difference in the emotions of the consumer and which, at once, ensure the best possible user experience. All this in order to ensure that every Rafesa’s project is unique and industrially viable. We try to get focused on advancing in our business, organization and management model, at the same time that we are attentive to identify new market trends and customer needs.


We are committed in achieving the maximum quality of service provided to our customers by means of a direct involvement of our various departments. Thus, and thanks to our dynamic character, we are able to get adapted, in every situation, to the specific requirements of each of our clients. Since May 2007 we are granted with the demanding ISO 9001 certificate for the commercialization of packaging products for the perfumes, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

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