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Dropper, designed for cosmetics. Not a drop too many or too few

Dropper, pensado para cosmética, ni una gota más ni una menos

RAFESA has updated its dropper for a broad range of cosmetics that require careful dosage. 

Not a drop too many or too few. Consumers have become more and more demanding, not only with product quality but also with the health of their finances. They are fully aware of the wastage that occurs throughout the supply chain and that it affects them directly. The emergence of droppers in the cosmetic industry is therefore a significant trend that embraces something that, in the collective imagination, was almost only used for pharmaceutical purposes before.

RAFESA is highlighting the Dropper, a solution created to further broaden its range of uses and with which we are redefining not only its function but also its design, brushing aside those old topaz containers and teats with no aesthetically pleasing characteristics whatsoever. In the year of its 40th anniversary, RAFESA has selected a line of dispensers that not only guarantee highly precise use of their content but also ensure maximum product quality and conservation by preventing any external contact with what lies inside.

Dropper stands as a perfect solution for all sorts of facial cosmetics, body cosmetics and many other similar products. According to the company led by Anna Escribano, it is the most suitable dispenser for low viscosity products because it enables the product to be applied drop by drop wherever it is needed.

Dropper is available in a wide variety of styles and materials. Only the most sustainable materials have been selected to make this product: rubber teats (nitrile butyl) and a collar made from recycled materials, mainly PIR polypropylene for strength and compatibility. The result is a versatile range of droppers with a carefully crafted elegant design that brings a little extra style to the traditional dispenser without sacrificing functionality.

Consumers are increasingly more familiar with the concept of efficient product use, placing a priority on precision to prevent wastage.

We looked for a perfect balance of design, precision and sustainability in a product that the market and consumers clearly need, while always maintaining the utmost respect for the environment”, says Anna Escribano. Dropper forms part of the accessories range from the brand and broadens the choice of innovative and sustainable packaging solutions for cosmetics, perfumery and home fragrance that have positioned the company as a benchmark in its sector. The commitment to quality and innovation from RAFESA has thus been consolidated across the entire line of packaging accessories that includes dispensers, sprays and screw-on lids in various materials, such as wood, all of which can be customised.

We are committed to creative, innovative and environmentally friendly packaging that, besides conveying values, is of premium quality and tailored to each product. Hence why RAFESA is focused on the needs of its clients and why it provides advice on which containers best suit their product. That is our raison d’être, which we apply to each one of our solutions. Our mission is none other than to offer a unique container for a product that is also unique, while respecting the essence and improving its use, making it more efficient and sustainable.

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