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New 500 ml container for cosmetic industry

Versatile, sustainable and fully customisable, this new container designed and produced by RAFESA can be used for a broad range of different applications.

Behind each new container lies some extensive analysis and observation work. 2020 forced us to be quick and to rapidly understand the context behind any new market needs and uses required by society stemming from COVID-19. Hygiene is omnipresent nowadays and something that rules our daily lives: at work, at home, out on the street… More than ever, hygiene is life. With that in mind, we are thrilled to present a new 500 ml container designed and developed exclusively by RAFESA.

Aimed at meeting needs in both the cosmetic industry and for hygiene in general, this new model seeks to strengthen and enhance the commitment made by companies and brands to personal care and disinfection. A container with simple lines, designed for ease-of-use and the continuous application of cosmetic and sanitising products.

Thanks to numerous available accessories, it is ideal for a wide range of different uses (cosmetics, beauty, air fresheners, hygiene, etc.). Furthermore, the container is fully customisable (it can be made in different colours) to suit customer requirements and preferences by adding serigraphy and hot stamping.

This new model is entirely in line with the RAFESA commitment to the design and production of sustainable packaging. We believe that the encouragement of hygiene is not only compatible with protecting the environment but is absolutely necessary. That’s why we offer an ECO version made from Green-PE, a plant-based polyethylene taken from sugar cane. By committing to a plant-based source, this new material enables us to take yet another step towards achieving a packaging product that reduces fossil resource consumption.

A new container that protects the environment but also represents another step in our efforts to raise the profile of versatile packaging products that effectively meet the needs of professionals in the cosmetic industry.