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Packaging an ‘essence’: the case of Laura and Rofersam

Packaging makes the first impression that drives users to want to know more about what it hides inside: to approach, smell, touch, try. In the packaging industry, the combination and connection of these two aspects – product and packaging – is synonymous with success, and that is precisely what happened in the case we present today.

The role of packaging goes far beyond merely acting as a ‘container’. In fact, customer attraction begins with the packaging. It therefore needs to meet certain specific requirements that are expressed to us by the client, which we satisfy while maintaining maximum respect for their wishes. Rofersam is a benchmark laboratory in natural cosmetics that specialises in the development of cosmetic products for various sectors in the field of beauty: spas, health resorts, beauty centres, beauty salons and perfume stores.

Rofersam was about to launch its new ‘Beaute Mediterranea’ brand, so we got to analysing its specific requirements but also the general context, the objective, the purpose and, naturally, the characteristics of the product. The thing that makes it special, like someone’s name.

We then showed them ‘Laura’, a 30ml packaging item with a black dropper. This was no random choice. Rofersam needed an amber coloured cosmetics packaging product to suit a glass packaging item they already had in the market.

The order was clear: 30,000 units. So was the deadline: four weeks. Timing is key in the world of packaging, so that product launches can be market effective and in line with the client’s commercial strategy. There is no room for error and we needed to guarantee that both packaging and product would come together within the allotted time.

Laura was our choice. And ‘Beaute Mediterranea’ is a consolidated line in the market today. Since the 30,000 units produced at the time, they have placed several repeat orders for 10,000 units. Now, after more than 150,000 units, our vision has been confirmed: content and container are two indivisible concepts. One makes no sense without the other.

This is one of the slogans we use at RAFESA and communicate to all our clients. Our mission is none other than to design and provide unique packaging for a product that is also unique. To choose a design that respects the ‘essence’ and enhances what it represents without altering or detracting; that is the key to this industry.