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Perfume in glass is redefining itself as a ‘premium’ sustainability ally

El perfume de vidrio se resignifica como aliado sostenible ‘premium’

Never have a material and a design identified what they contain to such an extent, so much so that they can drive purchase decisions and even build loyalty. With the Christmas season in full swing, the sector is fully away that perfume is back and, with it, a demand for glass packaging.

The consumer chooses a perfume because of the contents and stays with it because of the container: usability, quality, design, materials, sustainability, etc. All these factors impact the purchase decision. Glass is therefore the vanguard of perfume packaging: it contains the product while also saying a great deal about it.

Behind the Christmas campaign, RAFESA can see a market that is beginning to rethink its needs and preferences, with glass in a leading position. Nonetheless, those needs and preferences are not the same as before. There is a clear need now for a commitment to sustainable procedures, something that has only grown in strength during the months of lockdown. A younger audience that is more committed to the future of the planet is gaining ground and setting trends that go beyond passing fads or fleeting hype. RAFESA is committed to recycled glass in response to these concerns, while also highlighting the rise of wild glass – a type of glass that is only processed once, giving it a rustic aesthetic in search of natural beauty and all its imperfections.

Environmental concern is a factor that determines the choice of one perfume over another and this has a huge impact on the packaging used, elevating glass above other options”. We have committed to expanding our range of customisable and sustainable glass solutions, capable of producing a broad spectrum of options.

At RAFESA, we design perfume packaging that is able to convey the values of each aroma and the companies that decide to use it. All our packaging items, with different sizes and innovative designs, can adapt to any need with a common purpose: to produce a complete and attractive solution.

One example is ‘Premium glass’, an exclusive selection of packaging items for perfumery, cosmetics and home fragrance. Premium glass is a product line with a meticulous design that imprints quality and emphatically distinguishes the brand through numerous customisation options. “Our production quality processes allow for some truly exquisite results”.

The catalogue of glass packaging items and accessories that we offer is a clear demonstration of the versatility offered by glass packaging in general and Premium glass in particular, with a material of greater quality that we combine with diffusers, collars and other accessories. Wood, aluminium or Surlyn then become the most suitable options aesthetically speaking to further enhance the exclusive nature of the glass packaging from RAFESA.