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Quality Policy


Quality Policy

RAFESA is engaged in the marketing of packaging for products in the perfume, cosmetics and pharmacy sectors.

By implementing this policy, the management of RAFESA undertakes to comply with two fundamental principles:

    1. Fulfil customers’ requirements and, where applicable, the legal requirements for the products we offer.
    2. Strive to continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality system.
      To ensure compliance with these two principles, the management has established the following policies:
      • Develop in-depth knowledge of our customers, their expectations and requirements.
      • Develop sufficient capacity to increase customer satisfaction.
      • Develop in-depth knowledge of our suppliers, their expectations and requirements, taking into account their capacity to innovate and to provide solutions in relation to technology, service, quality assurance, price, the delivery times offered, product variety and segmentation, product information and technical advice. Selecting and engaging the suppliers that best meet our requirements.
      • Develop in-depth knowledge of our human resources, their expectations and requirements, taking into account the size of the workforce, their training, responsibilities, motivation, managing their knowledge, engaging them in the construction of a customer-focused culture, and hiring the employees that best meet our needs.
      • Develop innovative products and services with a high level of conformity, competitive prices, delivery deadlines that meet market needs, of a variety and segmentation to satisfy market demand, while strengthening brand policy and technical advice
      • Develop in-depth knowledge of our domestic and international markets, determine our geographic and product segmentation to improve our positioning, technical and commercial accessibility, our distribution capacity and our level of growth.
      • Develop in-depth knowledge of our competitors in order to take mitigation actions to address aspects where there is room for improvement, and implement improvement measures in areas where we have the opportunity to capitalise on our strengths.
      • Develop the best possible infrastructure, and spaces for offices, storage, loading and unloading, telephone and Internet services, and the associated work teams, in order to enhance our capacity to supply compliant products.
      • Create an appropriate work environment for company staff which takes account of psychological and physical levels in order to minimise conflict and enhance employee performance.
      • Use the best available techniques to improve processes, and engage employees in process design, development, measurement and improvement.

Badalona, 1 January 2016