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RAFESA launches its new packaging range for hand hygiene products

The COVID-19 crisis has converted hygiene and disinfection into essential factors for health in our society. Hand hygiene has been a core part of the safety measures recommended by the WHO since the pandemic started and has become an essential part of the virus containment strategy in which the whole population can play a part.

The packaging sector has not stood by on the sidelines. Quite the opposite: it has found itself in a decisive position to help achieve this goal by providing packaging and accessories that facilitate and adapt to these new personal and professional hygiene requirements imposed on the whole planet by the New Normal.

In response to this growing need – imposed not only on individuals but in every corner of the market, RAFESA (a specialist in the supply of custom packaging for perfumes, cosmetics and home fragrances) has launched a range of items especially designed to contain gel solutions and hydro-alcoholic products for washing hands and disinfecting surfaces.

This range has been especially conceived and designed in response to the demand for all kinds of disinfectant solutions and RAFESA is bringing it to market ready for extremely swift distribution, fully capable of guaranteeing all sorts of supplies and orders quickly and efficiently.

New hygiene, new packaging

Personal and professional hygiene has revealed itself as a turning point in all sectors and fields of activity for the short, medium and long term. The need to supply packaging and accessories designed for hygiene will play a decisive role in public health, the market and, by extension, the economy. “It is basically the first great containment barrier. The role of packaging is and will be essential for normalising and spreading the hand hygiene culture”. That’s why the company has been working hard for weeks on a range that can meet the needs of specific uses: versatile products that are easy to use and ideal for dispensing hydro-alcoholic and soapy solutions, sanitising gel, disinfectants, etc.

A new line of packaging for hygiene made from a wide range of materials that combine glass, recycled and recyclable plastic, etc. Various designs and sizes capable of adapting to all kinds of uses, containers and accessories, for which total hand hygiene is the main objective.