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RAFESA highlights packaging sustainability at Beauty Sustainability Week through Daniel Sánchez

Daniel Sánchez y RAFESA ponen voz a la sostenibilidad del packaging en la Beauty Sustainability Week
La Beauty Sustainability Week ha celebrado este año su primera edición online con un objetivo: acercar a todas las empresas de la industria los proyectos, herramientas, conocimientos y profesionales con más experiencia para que puedan transformar sus organizaciones y hacerlas más sostenibles.

Held between 28 September and 2 October, this year’s Beauty Sustainability Week took place online in a format aimed at maintaining the prevention measures required by the current health emergency. A comprehensive programme was broadcast live on Zoom and YouTube that included participation by RAFESA in one of the most significant sections on packaging sustainability.

Organised by Beauty Cluster Barcelona, the event sought to share the latest news and solutions being applied in the field of sustainability and CSR within the beauty sector. RAFESA, which also helped to coordinate the event, is a benchmark in this field. Daniel Sánchez, Sales Manager, shared two practical cases with the online viewers of the event.

The first related to the development of a more sustainable glass packaging (90% recycled glass) that led to research on creating a product line capable of reducing the carbon footprint and minimising resource consumption. The second was a 100% recycled PET line that the company has called ‘Àlex’. Besides being suitable for all kinds of products, this product range generates 16% less CO2 (carbon dioxide), 20% less SO2 (sulphur dioxide) and 45% less PO4 (phosphates).

Together with RAFESA, other companies in the sector such as Lluch Essence, Vitrus, Imago, QUADPACK and Inédito represented a sector that is increasingly more committed to the use of environmentally friendly packaging and the search for and development of new innovative materials and solutions.

Perfume and cosmetic packaging was the star of the day on Wednesday, 30 September, but the limelight was shared with other aspects that the sector needs to focus on for making the definitive leap towards 100% recyclable production. From product conception, eco-design and obtaining raw materials, through current legislation and certification to perceptions in the market and consumers, marketing opportunities, brand perception, purchasing decisions, etc.

Beauty Sustainability Week took place online this year for the first time to inform companies in the industry about new projects, tools, knowledge and professionals with more experience so they might transform their organisations and make them more sustainable. According to Daniel Sánchez, this trend needs retailers and consumers to get involved, as well as manufacturers. “If the end vendor and consumer make no effort, all attempts will be in vane and come to nothing because, at the end of the day, producers manufacture according to demand”, he said.