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Secondary packaging: getting great results from first contact with a customer

Packaging secundario: cómo cuidar el primer contacto con el cliente

Making the most of ‘container and content’ is a saying that RAFESA has taken to the next level through its firm commitment to putting secondary packaging for cosmetics and perfumes on the front line of what we do. Yet another service, but not any old service.

At RAFESA, we fully understand there is very little that is actually “secondary” about secondary packaging: it is far more than simple packaging for the principal container holding the product. It is a powerful marketing tool that can make one product stand out from the rest and should absolutely reflect the product it contains and the consumer at whom it is targeted.

Secondary packaging holds the key to customer first impressions. It is a first introduction to the quality and excellence of what is contained within: its essence. For that reason, we launched a new service line aimed at integrating the production of all key elements in the cosmetics and perfumes industry: container, accessories and secondary packaging.

Customisation options are multiplied by integrating the secondary packaging because a new medium is added that generally offers far more space for the brand to express itself than the principal container. This new medium can be used to integrate and present not only the visual identity of the product but also to include the necessary commercial and regulatory information. It is also the thing that consumers will see first at the point of sale (not counting the tester containers, of course).

In short, secondary packaging plays a very important role in product distribution, display and branding. With this in mind, RAFESA has also placed a focus on secondary packaging to give it the same quality and care as we provide to the principal container and its accessories.


We are committed to a range of sustainable materials. As far as the carton packaging is concerned, ours is made from materials obtained from responsibly controlled and managed forests (available as FSC-certified material upon request).

If you would like more information about this new line of business and the customisation options we can offer for packaging your container, do not hesitate to get in touch with RAFESA and we will tell you about everything we can do to ensure your secondary packaging becomes yet another tool capable of grabbing the attention of potential customers while respecting the processes and essence of the principal container and product housed within.