Rafesa celebrates its 35th anniversary and pays tribute to its founder

Rafesa 35 aniversario

The packaging innovation and the choice to arrive to small and middle producers of cosmetic and perfumery was be the principal motivation of Rafael Escribano to founding Rafesa 35 years ago. Today and after a long career in the sector, Mr. Escribano, together with his family have been received a well-deserved recognition of his career, in the ceremony of the 35th anniversary of the firm that was celebrated at the Palacete Abadal in Barcelona.

Rosa Ortiz and Daniel Sanchez, administrative manager and commercial director of the firm, respectively, made the opening speech and wanted to pay a small tribute to the Escribano family for all effort and constant work in the sector, without forgetting anecdotes lived during these 35 years of trajectory. Right after Mr. Josep González, president of PIMEC, congratulates to Mr. Escribano and his daughter Anna, for the courage and effort to celebrate its 35th anniversary. Then, there were two presentations. First of it, from Sr. Mario Rappanello, talked about the operation of the world markets, and the second one from Mr. Luca Lazzarini about the reasons to be optimist.

The most emotional moment was when Mrs. Anna Escribano, General Manager and daughter of the founder, dedicated few words to her father for his involvement and constant in the work over the more than three decades in the firm and stand out the opportunity and learning that she received from her father. Anna Escribano did not forget the workers of Rafesa for their effort and involvement with the project, that they have become a fundamental pillar of the firm.