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At RAFESA we are fully committed to sustainability and the environment

At RAFESA, we are sharing our vision for sustainable packaging with the market through containers for cosmetics and perfumes that stem from our search for and use of environmentally friendly materials that meet the needs of each product.

At RAFESA, we are committed to packaging for cosmetics and perfumes that is environmentally friendly. That’s why we work with fully recyclable and reusable materials, or glass. Not only do we believe that the container should be made from natural materials but that the accessories should be too. That’s why we work with materials that comply with REACH legislation. Furthermore, our collection of wooden stoppers has been developed according to PEFC certification, which promotes sustainable management of the forests from where the timber is obtained.

For years, we have been working on the introduction and development of new, more sustainable packaging materials and accessories that respect nature and/or can be recycled. The market and the planet need this. Materials that, by using them, lead to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.
Our customers know they have a responsible supplier of the highest quality.

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for its specific use in cosmetics, perfumery, hygiene and home fragrance.