Packaging sostenible - green glass


Glass stands out as a material that can be fully recycled an endless number of times.
The recycled glass manufacturing process reduces energy consumption and waste, making this material one of the most environmentally friendly that exists.
RAFESA carefully analyses and selects the most suitable glass containers based on their intended use.

Wild Glass

Wild Glass is made from 100% PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) glass.
The resulting colour and higher tolerances over a traditional colour provide an organic look.
Efficiency is one of the main principles underpinning environmental sustainability. Wild Glass uses every bottle, regardless of aesthetic imperfections, to thereby reduce any impact from discards.
In line with modern market trends, Wild Glass offers not only sustainability but cutting-edge design as well.

Recycled Glass

A container made from post-consumer glass (60%) and manufacturing rejects (30%).
Using recycled glass reduces waste volumes, the extraction of new raw materials and the associated soil erosion.
Its production enables results of a more refined quality to be obtained.
RAFESA sustainably