Packaging sostenible - green wood


Wood is considered as the quintessential natural material.
Its natural characteristics mean that all waste from this material can be composted and it leaves no environmental footprint whatsoever.
Furthermore, the wooden stoppers from RAFESA can also contain environmentally friendly interior securing systems.

Wooden stoppers with a compostable interior

Made from FSC-certified timber, RAFESA designs an interior using biodegradable materials.
By adding a compostable interior to the stopper, we achieve environmental neutrality.
Its composition makes this a premium product that is 100% environmentally friendly without sacrificing a perfect seal.
Packaging sostenible - green wood

Wooden stoppers with a cork interior

Made from FSC-certified timber and cork.
RAFESA adds a biologically degradable interior to its wooden stoppers.
An organic, warm and elegant option that brings a unique premium finish to any container.
RAFESA sustainably