Unique packaging


We instil identity into any type of perfumes and cosmetics container.

Packaging brings an influence to bear on any consumer. For this reason, the different customisation techniques provide each jar and bottle with their own unique personality.

Silk-screen printing

This printing technique is used to stamp the required design onto perfume and cosmetics containers.

Silk-screen printing is one of the oldest and most commonly used printing methods. The technique consists of transferring the logotype or the image through a mesh, thus permitting the design of a totally personalised container.

Hot Stamping

It is a printing system that uses heat transfer to produce glossy colours.

It is one of the most highly-indicated printing techniques for de luxe perfumes since it delivers a premium and glossy finish. Hot stamping applied to packaging allows us to work on both pre-decorated containers and containers that have yet to be customised.


It is one of the fastest-growing techniques in the packaging decoration sector.

This method provides depth and modernity and also affords the container a sense of dimension that can only be achieved with this finish. The outcome is striking, attractive and modern containers.


Dark containers guarantee protection for the cosmetic or perfume.

Vanish also makes any packaging much tougher. Therefore, it protects both the container and the product from external atmospheric agents, while also delivering an elegant finishing touch.

Translucent varnishing

This type of varnish protects the bottle and also lets you see the inside.

Translucent varnishing for perfume packaging means that the same varnish can be used for the entire container or different colours can be combined to deliver a totally personalised container, besides protecting it from external agents.


It achieves a darkened glass effect with an elegant touch.

This shading technique for packaging can be applied to the entire container or to specific points in order to create an original design. This personalisation formula yields a natural gloss-free finish.

Esta técnica de matizado para packaging se puede aplicar a todo el envase o en zonas puntuales para crear un diseño original. Con esta fórmula de personalización se consigue un acabado natural y sin brillos.