Packaging secundario - RAFESA


For cosmetics and perfumes

Not merely as a container for the main packaging.

A key factor in Márketing.

At RAFESA, we offer the production of secondary packaging tailored to your needs. Based on the product requirements.

An effective way to get the attention of and attract customers.

It should reflect the quality of the product.

Much more than just a box.


RAFESA provides solutions for all secondary packaging needs.

There is usually much more space for the brand, art and regulatory information than on the primary packaging contained within and is often the point of sale seen by the consumer.
Secondary packaging plays a very important role in distribution, display and branding.
Packaging secundario nicho RAFESA
Packaging secundario - RAFESA


We offer all sorts of sustainable materials for our secondary packaging.

We offer packaging made from wood fibre taken from forests that are controlled and managed sustainably. It is available as an FSC certified material upon request.
A wide range of materials to meet all image, transport and logistic requirements.